International Fitness Model and Personality, Pauline Nordin, was Featured on September 25 on NewsWatch TV, a National Television Show

Washington, DC (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

LiveLifeLean, a Fitness App created by Pauline Nordin, was featured on NewsWatch as part of its monthly AppWatch, which features the latest and hottest mobile applications available on iOS and Android devices. Andrew Tropeano, a mobile application expert, conducted the app review and interview.

According to the CDC, over one third of the US population is obese. Obesity can lead to numerous health conditions including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, which are some of the leading causes of death in the United States. While there are quick fixes to reducing weight, the tried and true method for weight reduction and lasting health lies in fitness and diet.

Pauline Nordin, a health expert who was a personal trainer on the Biggest Loser in Europe and is the author of The Butt Bible on NBC has recently created a fitness application featuring a complete fitness program called Live Life Lean.

Most apps on the market right now are cardio based. They track how long you run, how fast you go. But my app is about weight training. Its weight training to shape your body, said Pauline Nordin. Weight training has benefits because it helps your body to burn fat. You dont even have to work out, and still your body is going to burn more fat than if you just do cardio.

The app doesnt just have workouts, it has diet menus. You can pick and choose from your meals a breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The app is available for iOS devices for free. If you want to learn more about Pauline or Live Life Lean, head on over to her website, or check out her app on your appstore by searching Live Life Lean.

About NewsWatch

NewsWatch is a weekly 30-minute consumer oriented television show that airs on the History Channel, FYI Network, and ION Network. NewsWatch regularly features top technology products and services, mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, unique and beautiful travel destinations around the world, health and medical tips, and entertainment interviews on the show. NewsWatch airs on the History Channel at 6:00 6:30 AM ET/PT and on the FYI Network from 7:00 7:30 AM ET.

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Phentermine Diet Pills That Work Are The Many Preferred Weight Loss Drug

Phentermine diet medications are for fat reduction. It has been considered because the most efficient drugs for fat reduction for the occasions. It’s user friendly and has limited negative effects. When selected inside combination with diet, exercise, plus behavior therapy, it might enable we to get rid of fat when you’re understanding modern methods to consume plus to exercise. The main cause diet medications which function are thus prevalent is due to the positive advantages gained from losing a immense amount of weight; lookin plus feeling greater, improved self respect, pretty self-confidence, better strength plus endurance plus reducing the risk of developing life-threatening conditions.

They ought not to be employed because a replace for right diet or exercise. For maximum effects, it need to be utilized inside combination with a reduced-calorie diet and/or exercise. Any modifications inside a diet, activity level, plus behavior should be developed plus continued long-term inside purchase to continue losing fat plus avoid the lost fat from returning. Phentermine is really tailored to improve power, stimulate metabolism, plus firmly suppress the appetite.

These diet medications which function are consequently right for brief expression fat administration. The drug has to be taken with a limited calorie diet to provide maximum benefit. This pill has the positive advantages gained from losing a noticeable amount of fat. Weight Loss, inside combination with usual exercise, will dramatically minimize the possibilities of developing diabetes, cancer, hypertension, stroke plus heart illness.

Doctors say these medications are isn’t meant for individuals whom wish To lose a some pounds for aesthetic factors. The drug is made for individuals that are regarding 25 % over a healthy weight. It is regarded as the top and best marketing diet medications.

The diet medications stimulate the sympathetic nervous program plus provide a feeling of satiety (fullness). It is appropriate for people that are eating practices or behavior alone is responsible for excessive fat gain. Research shows a typical fat reduction of 2-8 kg length of treatment. The fat reduction yielded about these medications is largest throughout the initial some weeks of therapy. The beneficial impact then wears off slowly.

So it is very advisable to take the medications because recommended by a doctor to receive the greatest results.

Jennifer Sampross is the writer of the post. For more info regarding Phentermine 37.5, adipex diet medications, diet medications which function please follow this link Phentramin d

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Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight loss diets are an integral part of any successful weight lost plan. Just like other aspects of losing weight, there should be a weight loss diet plan. This diet plan should be followed with utmost care and determination. While trying to loose weight, what is consumed daily in terms of food is very important. There should be a proper diet plan in place that will aid in achieving overall success in weight loss.

The tips below should be of help in working out a proper dieting plan for the purpose of losing weight.

Get Rid Of Junk Foods

It is advisable that weight loss diets should completely be rid of junks and healthy foods should be consumed instead. Junk foods are a great contributor to excessive weight gain because they contain a lot of calories and fats. However, since people have gotten so used to junk food, it will be best to gradually withdraw them from their diets rather than to do so all at once. A person may start by reducing the number of times he eats junk food in a week to from five to four times. Next, he will go on to reduce it to three times a week. He will continue like this until he is able to completely get rid of junks from his diet.

Choice of Food

Choosing the right food is a vital part of weight loss diets. A person should choose his own food as part of his diet. He should not include a certain type of food to his diet simply because he heard that it is good for losing weight. If he does not like that particular food, then there is no need adding it to his diet.

Foods chosen as part of a weight loss diet must be healthy foods. The essence of allowing a person to choose his own food is to ensure that he finds it easy to eat the foods picked. If he finds out that he is not in tune with any type of food, then he should choose another as long as it is healthy.


Moments of discouragement usually set in at times while trying out weight loss diets. People trying to loose weight should do all they can to overcome such moments. There may be times when one will make the mistake of eating outside the diet plan. When this happens, correction should be made immediately. People should avoid continuing in a mistake just because it has happened. The feeling of defeat should not set in just because a mistake was made. Instead, such a person should brace up to the challenge and get back to the diet. He should be determined to continue until the set goals are met.

Abiding by weight loss diets may not be an easy task, but it is possible. By sticking to a good diet and eating right, avoiding junk foods, choosing to eat only healthy foods and with determination, one can achieve success in losing excessive and unwanted body weight.

Author Bio: Food Lovers Fat Loss System is a fat loss diet plan which helps you reduce your weight by eating all your favorite foods. Guided by Robert Ferguson, you learn to reduce your waistline while expanding your lifeline through creating health.


Fat Loss Diet

Weight Loss Diet

Easy Lose Weight With Safe Weight Loss Pills

Easy Lose Weight With Safe Weight Loss Pills – What makes people getting pounds? I bet requirements first answer that comes to your mind is due to they eat a lot of. Well, it may happen to be one good reason, but you one should understand that morbid obesity is caused by many aspects that are part of personal life every day. Hardship has become the illness of the century and, definitely, this represents the fact that when getting fat.

A sleepless person has no a person to organize his/her entire life, being preoccupied collectively day problems and certainly not concerning about a fit lifestyle. This person will mostly eat junk food because it is handy and certainly not very expensive. Any kind of disorganized eating program with the unhealthy food will in most cases lead to morbid obesity. Getting pounds can also be the effect of the lack of money and time, by panic attacks or even laziness.

One must always analyze everything to find out which involve factors generates a mans imbalance and to work to eliminate it fast. When you decide to start each losing weight program unquestionably take into consideration three aspects: to a product that offers you results, to a product that doesn’t always affect your health also to choose a product that may possibly generate some time00 effect on your system. Found heard about weight loss suppliments in which. Technique method used often by people who attempting to lose weight without delay. At least and also other parts is not painful or perhaps risky as surgery the actual results are permanent obviously if after the treatment people sustain a healthy life style.

It’s not so much necessary to devote your money on all kinds of pills an individual know any aspect with. After reading the loss pills testimonials, you will recognize that pills with natural ingredients are the best fix for losing fat pimples have no unintended effects and they offer you you immediate final results. One should wonder what weight loss suppliments really do. To begin they suppress your own appetite.

Food is critical, but that doesn’t necessarily you have to eat as regularly as would really like. Try to carry a balance between what you eat and how fantastic you eat. Diet pills will make associated with your exaggerated hunger be completely removed, helping you to take an appropriate eating. Once you start taking these weight loss capsules, your body begins to react positively clients ingredients. The bad and unwanted fat could well be blocked and on the other hand, the extra fat along with calories will be burnt off.

The weight loss weight loss capsules not only will prevent through getting fatter, that will also plus lose some important lbs. However , you have to give any focus on exaggerate from the diet or the weight loss capsules because it is not healthy to lose a lot of weight in a little while of time. The weight loss pills reviews point out exactly the amount of weight loss capsules recommended for a balanced diet and also some other pursuits that complete the loss program.

More significant taking these weight loss pills, you have to do just about every day exercise and to eat a large number fruits and vegetables. It also includes indicated have a passion for a lot of standard tap water and to avoid suits along with fizzy alcoholic beverages. Excellent thing about these damaged weight pills that work usually almost always provide a because the. So , you have an opportunity to try them for a period of time make sure if they accomplish. Washboard abs dissatisfied with the results you’ll end receive complete refund. A lot of companies have applied this certify and so they gained peoples’ trust.

Lina Maharani – student of modeling school try to be good writers and more information about weight loss pills visit

Online Weight Loss Services in the US Industry Market Research Report from IBISWorld Has Been Updated

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 15, 2014

In the five years to 2014, revenue for the Online Weight Loss Services industry is expected to grow per year on average, benefiting from rebounding demand following the recession. While many consumers continued to enroll in weight loss programs during the onset of the recession, disposable income dropped in 2009, causing demand to plummet. The five-year period consequently reflects recovering demand following the recession, bolstered by higher disposable income. Furthermore, growing obesity rates and health concerns have spurred consumers to enroll in weight loss programs, supporting demand for industry services.

As the economy has improved, Americans have returned to work and disposable income levels have started to rise. According to IBISWorld Industry Analyst Britanny Carter, This increase in income has allowed customers to re-enroll in weight loss services or sign up for the first time, boosting industry revenue. Following a strong, double-digit decline in 2009, industry demand recovered strongly, boasting double-digit growth during 2011. Growth, however, has slowed in recent years as market saturation and growing competition from free online weight loss services has limited demand. Revenue is consequently anticipated to grow modestly during 2014.

Despite heavy market saturation, low barriers to entry have enticed a considerable number of new entrants to the industry. Over the five years to 2014, the number of industry companies is expected to grow per year on average. Online weight loss services do not require the significant overhead costs associated with a brick and mortar store, allowing businesses to enter the industry with minimal start-up costs, says Carter. As many new companies enter the industry, larger companies have been consolidating their operations to reduce costs. For example, NutriSystem shut down its subsidiary, NutriSystem Fresh Inc. during the third quarter of 2010. Enterprise growth is therefore anticipated to outpace establishment growth during the five-year period.

In the five years to 2019, industry revenue is estimated to grow, albeit a slower rate. Heavy market saturation and heightened competition from free online weight loss services will stem growth over the next five years. Moreover, many consumers are opting to purchase healthy and unprocessed foods rather than follow a specific diet, reflecting a negative shift in consumer demand. As a result, revenue is expected to rise at an average annual rate.

For more information, visit IBISWorlds Online Weight Loss Services in the US industry report page.

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IBISWorld industry Report Key Topics

This industry provides internet membership programs to consumers to assist them in losing weight or maintaining a desired weight. Online weight loss services generate revenue through subscription-based accounts and products sales. This industry does not include fitness tracking applications nor companies that generate their primary revenue through external advertisements and promotions.

Industry Performance

Executive Summary

Key External Drivers

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Industry Outlook

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About IBISWorld Inc.

Recognized as the nations most trusted independent source of industry and market research, IBISWorld offers a comprehensive database of unique information and analysis on every US industry. With an extensive online portfolio, valued for its depth and scope, the company equips clients with the insight necessary to make better business decisions. Headquartered in Los Angeles, IBISWorld serves a range of business, professional service and government organizations through more than 10 locations worldwide. For more information, visit or call 1-800-330-3772.

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Weight reduction product endorsed by Dr. Oz settles with FTC for $3.5 million

Weight reduction product endorsed by Dr. Oz settles with FTC for .5 million
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Best Fat Burner Pill



Fat burners pills, which are also known as thermogenics, are basically a type of diet supplement meant to complement the diet in order to achieve weight loss. Fat burning weight loss supplements can therefore be referred to as weight loss catalysts or accelerators that help dieters reach their weight loss goals faster. Some of the best fat burner pill achieve their faster fat burning capabilities through several mechanisms, but mainly involve boosting of the body’s metabolic rate, increasing overall energy levels, and forcing of fat cells in the body to release stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as fuel.

However, no matter how much a person consumes this so advertised best fat burner pill, it won’t be totally effective unless and until that person combines the consumption of these pills with a calorie-controlled nutritional plan and an appropriate exercise program. This is because of the fact that there must be greater calorie expenditure as energy than is being taken in through the consumption of foods. Hence, even the best fat burner pill can’t guarantee that miracle reduction in weight overnight.

However, the overall effectiveness of any weight loss supplement is fundamentally a function of its constituent ingredients. Most fat burning supplements, including natural ones such as Herbal Diet Pills, contain ingredients such as chitosan, chromium, pyruvate, HCA (Hydroxycitrate), and caffeine. A good fat burning supplement should however have a balanced “thermogenic profile”, which means that the supplement should contain a certain amount of thermogenic herbs in therapeutic dosages. Also, such a product should not have excessive amounts of caffeine as its main active ingredient. Herbal diet pills in this regard have the perfect balance of caffeine amount with the naturally occurring thermogenic herbs. Unfortunately, a lot of fat burning supplements on the market today simply do not work because they have very high level of caffeine as their active ingredient. Also, since a lot these advertised “best fat burner pill” are not usually approved by the FDA, they are therefore normally not required to go through any rigorous clinical testing and approval for effectiveness before being released into the market. This has to a large extent caused the weight loss market to be infiltrated with lot of substandard products. The glittering and glamorous marketing campaign further leads to confusion and utter frustration for the customers, cheating them to buy these substandard products.

However, in addition to fat burner pills and herbal diet pills, a man has the added advantage of going for testosterone boosters, so as to simultaneously reduce fat and build lean muscles. This is due to the fact that testosterone boosters act the same way as many of the best fat burner pills, only this time being specifically designed for men to bank upon a muscular body in addition to a reduced belly.

Concluding on, we can say that while fat burners significantly aid in reducing weight, they must be carefully purchased and combined with rigorous protocols to ensure their proper effectiveness. 



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Diet Doc Announces Diet Plans which Deliver Fast Weight Loss Results at a Fraction of the Cost of Celebrity Diets

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 29, 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce plus Angelina Jolie are just amidst a tiny part of perfect-bodied beauties which have inspired dieters all over the United States, to obtain the number one fat burning foods plus diet plans to aid them immediately shed extra fat. And, latest inspiration has come within the articles plus pictures highlighting Paltrows cookbook which substitutes all gluten treatments, eggs plus meats for elements like goji berries plus quail eggs. Aside within the expense associated with following this kind of diet, 1 need to be a star to locate these elements. Other well-known stars, including Drew Barrymore, follow a celeb diet which is a lot easier plus concentrates on plant-based food when Jennifer Lopez is a enthusiast of daily food programs which carry a expense of around $ 60.00 a day again, 1 should really be a star to afford these diet plans.

One might mimic the celebrity diet of the breathtaking Angelina Jolie, mom of six, that maintains her great figure by after the Ancient Grains Diet, a diet which involves adding nuts, seeds, quinoa, millet, chia seeds plus buckwheat to food plus snacks. Or, potential dieters may just log onto the web, complete a simple, yet detailed, healthcare history plus wellness evaluation plus consult with 1 of Diet Docs very trained quick fat reduction physicians.

This initial consultation may take destination over the telephone or the web plus inside the comfort plus confidentiality of the people own house. During the consult, the doctor may suggest plus prescribe all-natural diet medications to supplement meal plans which are made by qualified nutritionists to be particular to every people individual dietary, life-style plus fat reduction requires, whilst being suitable with virtually any condition. This powerful combination targets plus attacks body fat inside difficult to reach places, providing fat reduction synonymous to celeb diet results without the cost plus difficulty inside finding elements.

Diet Docs medically guided diet plans allow individuals to, not just understand swiftly weight reduction, and leaves them feeling comfortable, full plus happy throughout their transition. Every Diet Doc customer furthermore receives extensive guidance found on the value of selecting healthy, fat burning foods because element of their daily diet plans plus can discover that foods are low inside fat plus calories to motivate celeb diet fat reduction results. These abilities not merely aid people reach their initial fat objectives, nevertheless can moreover aid those to maintain their fat over time, leading to a healthier, happier lifetime.

Diet Docs special dieting protocol has assisted thousands of customers effectively reach their fat administration objectives without trying with cravings, tiredness or weakness. By incorporating the healthiest plus many useful principles of numerous prevalent celeb diets into their convenient to adhere to, customer friendly health fat reduction programs, the organization has become the leading, many respected plus many reliable source of fat reduction inside the country.

About the Company:

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation’s leader inside healthcare, fat reduction providing a full line of prescription medicine, doctor, nurse plus dietary training help. For over a decade, Diet Doc has yielded a sophisticated, doctor tailored fat reduction system which addresses every individual certain wellness have to improve swiftly, secure plus lengthy expression fat reduction.

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