The New L-Style Revolution Diet & Exercise Program By The Makers of The Sports Nutrition Supplement Brand, Liporidex, Have Hit Over 10,000 Pounds Lost In Just Two Months

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2015

The popular all-natural supplement brand, Liporidex, has had over 1000 members sign up for their newly launched L-Style Revolution Program, and collectively the members have already lost over 10,000 pounds and counting in just two short months. The customized weight loss program provides a tailored diet and exercise plan for men and women of all health and fitness levels to follow and achieve their weight loss and weight maintenance goals faster than traditional methods.

We were on cloud nine after announcing our new program just a couple months ago, and we have been blown away with the commitment and results of our members so far. We are looking forward to working with new members, and are encouraging people to sign up now to get ready for summertime, stated CEO and founder of Liporidex, Dr. Emeka B. Okwuje. Our program makes available customized plans based on award winning techniques to help people according to their specific fitness and weight loss goals and needs. L-Style Revolution is designed around Liporidex Fitness Formulas, our line of all-natural, MD formulated supplements, which are fundamental to the program and achieving safe and lasting weight loss success, said Okwuje.

For the past two months, Liporidex has been working closely with members of all fitness levels, whether they are just starting out, need to overcome a plateau, or just need to lose those last 10 pounds, with their highly successful and one of a kind nutritional and exercise plans. L-Style Revolution works with, and takes advantage of, Liporidex Fitness Formulas to optimize metabolism, reduce appetite, as well as increase energy and stamina. L-Style Revolution is unlike any other weight loss program, and has been proven to be highly successful so far with its current members by helping them reach and exceed their fitness goals. Developed around Dr. Okwujes four pillars to lasting weight loss success, it offers members expert nutrition and exercise planning, as well as unlimited behavioral modification support and motivational coaching. Liporidex supplements will help maximize the results of diet and exercise by leveraging the power of clinically researched and proven ingredients.

L-Style Revolution is a high tech solution for living an enhanced lifestyle. It utilizes several wireless and cloud-based technologies to deliver truly personalized nutritional guidance and support from a panel of expert physicians, registered dietitians, certified personal trainers and behavioral coaches, along with safe and effective supplements to help users turbo charge results and smash their plateaus. This revolutionary program has already ensured success for individuals and athletes looking to lose weight, maintain weight loss, get stronger, and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

About Nuretix Research Labs, LLC

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nuretix Research Labs, LLC is a privately owned and operated company dedicated to the research, development and production of high quality, safe and revolutionizing nutritional supplements and metabolism boosters. Dr. Okwuje launched the company in 2007, bringing to life the careful collaboration of medical and fitness professionals in the form of Liporidex Fitness Formulas. Each of their diverse supplements is manufactured to meet or exceed all applicable industry standards. Liporidex supplements are 100% natural, consist of ingredients that have been put through the rigors of clinical testing for over 35 years, and are ranked among the best fat burners that work on the market. Visit for more information or connect with the company via Facebook and Instagram.


Read Before You Buy – Diet Pill Reviews

You can run a scavenger hunt at the nearest pharmacy to look for the best diet products or supplements available today and probably still come out undecided. With so many weight loss products being sold either in the virtual world of the Internet or in the corners of your local store, any sane person would surely concede defeat after looking through all the choices. After all, who can make a decision when you can barely understand the “whats” of their contents and ingredients? Before you decide on the weight loss pill that is best for you, get online and read some diet pill reviews. Allow the reviews by consumers who have used a product to be your guide in helping you decide.

So what can you expect in diet pill reviews? There are whole sites in the Internet that aim to educate individuals who are considering buying a particular pill for losing weight but are still pretty much undecided or wary. The increasing number of weight loss pills existing in the market has made diet pill reviews a marketable enterprise. These sites will show the various weight loss pills manufactured around the globe being used by consumers both here and abroad.

The various pills are presented and you can click on the brand to see its full detail along with some related topics or articles and reviews. Each pill is carefully evaluated by both clients and diet professionals to see if it does work effectively to reduce weight. Some sites allow it’s readers to buy slimming pills online directly but before you purchase those weight loss products, you have to read some reviews and see it’s ratings on the Internet. Reviews and rantings can ultimately influence your choice since you will know if it passed or failed the previous buyer’s expectations. Diet pill reviews give some informative and unbiased opinions of the various pills, and weight loss products that are mainly being sold online.

Diet pill reviews can only guide you in your decision in choosing the best pill, the choice is still yours so select wisely and make sure that you don’t get persuaded by it’s radically cheap price. Choose something that has worked well for others because it will increase the chances that it will work best for you too.

From weight loss products, to diet pill reviews, to weight loss programs, and the latest tips, you can find it all at You have limitless opportunity to gather ideas from fellow people that are all looking to improve their bodies. You also get to compare and contrast results in diet pill reviews. Read plenty of candid reviews from fellow dieters and those committed to bettering their bodies.

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Weight loss tips


Many people who are overweight or suffering from obesity always look for various tips which can help them lose the excess weight. The fact is that losing weight is possible for people who follow certain health procedures. To begin with, an individual should be ready to sacrifice a lot and be very committed in performing the weight loss activities in order to stay healthy. The diet in which one indulges in the intake can determine whether one can lose weight and this means that an individual should be very cautious with what he or she consumes. This is among the weight loss strategy that an individual should use.
At the outset, an individual who wants to lose the excess body weight should not subtract the eating program in which he or she has but instead one should add. This is because an individual cannot lose weight by not eating regularly. The idea of losing weight in association with diet comes in whereby one should check the food that he or she consumes. Junky foods with a lot of fats are known to add on an individual’s weight and thus one should minimize the intake of such diets. On the other hand, vegetables and fruits are healthy meals which even if an individuals intakes them as often as possible, he or she cannot put on weight. Diet is among the weight loss tips that an individual should take heed of.
Another weight loss strategy that one can use is exercising regularly. Contrary to what many people perceive exercising as tiresome and futile, this is not the case. People who exercise more often experience a healthy living besides being physically fit.
To add up on the weight loss tips, it is necessary for an individual to take several glasses of water daily in order to experience a healthy living. This is because besides water being refreshment in the body, it also helps in body processes for instance the metabolic process. Health experts advise that 8 glasses per day can be very helpful in the body of a human being. Another weight loss strategy is that an individual should be active both mentally and physically in order to attain a healthy lifestyle. Healthy standards of living always prevent an individual to suffer from excessive weight gain and obesity. 

Have an individual considered the weight loss tips and weight loss strategy .

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Burning Fat Fast

It seems is a mystery in many peoples head toward formula to burning fat fast is. On top you’ll think that plenty of workout and a beneficial diet would be adequate. I might perhaps not argue with the fact that works but, this does take a bit more time and you will need some stamina so that you can become successful. Diet and exercise is a good method to begin there are numerous positives in this region however you has to take into consideration your body will be needing time for you adjust to this modification whenever that occurs you may then start to burn the fat. You might want to think about other ways to accelerate the entire process of losing fat.

Cardiovascular Workouts

It would appear that the details people want to know could be the simplest and quickest way of burning fat fast is. Once you get the solution you’d anticipate that it is complicated but this isn’t the situation. An intense cardio workouts system is a tremendously effective method to accelerate the fat burning procedure. There are lots of techniques to burn those calories cycling, running, jogging, tennis, football. Almost any recreation is the fact that can make you sweat and acquire your heartbeat up. The best thing about activities if you enjoy what you yourself are doing then the sweating in addition to heartrate becomes a pleasure important to keep that in mind.

Fiber is crucial.

In the event that you actually want to achieve success in shedding fat quickly a great way to take action would be to raise the degrees of dietary fiber foods that you consume. While this process is going on take care not to starve your self or eat too much and steer clear of that complete experience. Self-control is vital to balance your diet which will enhance your metabolic process and in turn this can burn the fat.

Vegetables and fruits

By eating lots of fruit and veggies as a treat versus (cream cakes and/or odd doughnut as we all weaken to on occasions) offers much more power when you’re through your exercise regime and simpler to manage urge for food. In the event that you suffer with high blood pressure or maybe diabetes after that by upping your consumption of fruit and veggies is only able to be a confident. The key reason for the could be the content of vitamins in vegetables and fruits. Sadly in the current modern society most folks are not to interested in meals that you great. If you fall into that group then you might think about good fresh fruit smoothies or good fresh fruit milkshakes produced from fat-free yogurt you can include any fruit of your choice. Crucial that you keep in mind there isn’t any fast way to burn fat rapidly it may need persistence and determination. Remember everything can be done if you would like it bad sufficient therefore carry on and don’t stop.

If you are seriously interested in loosing fat and really desire to take it easy fully it is just as simple as doing it. You have got come this far and so I can only believe you are a serious. The next thing is up to you do something these days you will not be sorry.For more info

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Weight loss supplements have been in existence for a reasonable time. One of several items that many people question about diet pills is whether or otherwise not they’ve been effective. Often these weight loss pill companies spend visitors to say there their products or services are great, or individuals selling the merchandise make up phony testimonials. Thank goodness, you’ll find genuine weightloss pills that will provde the real results that you need to have.

Adipex diet pills tend to be one of the better kind of weight loss supplements available. Unlike most weight loss supplements which marketplace by themselves as assisting you to lose the pounds off of the body, Adipex works together the body to restrict your normal desire for food. You will not feel like you wish to consume the maximum amount of, and can slowly assist the body replace the level of food it takes to be able to produce your everyday energy.

Bontril supplements tend to be is yet another kind of appetite reducing drug, however, it is supposed to only be applied for the short term. Often times, men and women make use of appetite suppressants for much too lengthy and end up using weeks to months in order to stop using them. Oftentimes, folks may drop their particular desire for food consistently. Bontril does have some interesting negative effects, such as the possibility in order to become very addicting. You may even encounter an overdose if you’re on Bontril, so that you have to be mindful while making certain you will be monitored while you’re using it.

Cortislim is a fat blocking weight loss pill, different than most diet pills that really help your body need less nutritional elements being survive. Rather, Cortislim burns away unwanted fat that your particular human body has recently stored. This allows you to drop some weight, by nevertheless consuming a standard quantity of food. It’s important that you consistently exercise during period that you are on Cortislim. It is because you may be moving muscle and fat around, and you might feel exceptionally lethargic if you do not utilize the body products across the fat which being burned away.

Zantrex is yet another typical fat blocking product that is used by individuals who are attempting to lose weight. Although this item will not be available on the market provided that another items, it is only as good at burning up unwanted fat away. Many people think that it’s because dangerous as Ephedra. But this is simply not true at all. Indeed, Zantrex originated as a secure replacement for making use of dangerous products particularly Ephedra for dieting purposes. Fat is burned away at a secure rate for you and you can find very few complications in comparison with other diet pills.

When you’re interested in an eating plan supplement it is important which you think about your choices. You can opt for something such as a fat burner, however, you are not going to lose any body weight. Most fat reduction services and products usually takes some time to help your body lose the extra weight that you would like to reduce. As an alternative, many people go for diet pills. These weightloss pills assist the body feel less hungry, and helps you in consuming less.

Prepared find out all about a weight loss supplements Reviews?  We’ll unearth the reality about all weightloss pills at