Best Diet Deal: Weight Watchers

Best Diet Deal: Weight Watchers
"The obesity epidemic is raising serious health and cost consequences, so employers and third-party payers are beginning to consider how to provide some coverage for commercial weight loss programs," said researcher Eric Finkelstein, a professor at …
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Friend with less feels inadequate
I feel weird inviting them over to my home, because it is tiny by comparison. I do have other friends over. I don't have a second home, a boat, … I know I shouldn't be getting impatient, but I see these reports from people saying how they took some …
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Jane Says: Superfruits Are Healthy—but Regular Fruits Are Too
Superfruits are also expensive in comparison and often hyped way out of proportion. In 2013, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruled that POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice and POMx supplements “deceptively advertised their products and did …
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Introducing Revolution Patch: The Zero-Calorie, All-Natural Way to Help Increase Energy, Boost Metabolism and Improve Alertness

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 24, 2014

Everyone knows the importance of regular exercise and a balanced diet to maintaining a healthy weight and promoting long-term wellness. It is impossible to get through a stressful day with low energy, much less hit the gym. It can be challenging to maintain a healthy weight while chugging sugary sodas, energy drinks or cup after cup of coffee.

Revolution Patch founder Dimitri Mishiev and his team have been there and they understand. They developed this scientifically proven solution to tackle all of these challenges at once. They have designed a patch that delivers energy-boosting and fat-burning ingredients directly through the skin. The wearer simply slaps the patch on, then forgets about it! The patch provides a time-released stream of all-natural ingredients transdermally, for 6-12 hours. Since the active ingredients are 100% natural, organic and are released slowly, wearers wont experience side effects or energy jolts and crashes like they can with coffee, soda and energy drinks.

The Revolution Patch team aims to help people from all walks of life solve a wide range of problems rooted in low energy, such as fatigue, trouble losing weight, trouble focusing and increased stress. Students, busy parents, athletes, travelers, people with physically demanding jobs, truck drivers on long hauls, office workers who face extended hours and mental stress, people who struggle to maintain a healthy weight – even people who want to escape a plateau in their gym workouts and get to the next level of fitness – can all benefit from the energy-boosting power of Revolution Patch.

Another advantage of Revolution Patch is that it completely bypasses the digestive system, so it wont upset the stomach or spur extra bathroom breaks. Theres no overly-sweet or chemically taste, like with energy drinks. Also, the vitamins are delivered without breaking down and losing effectiveness in the stomach, which happens with pills and tablets.

Unlike other patches that deliver only a single vitamin, Revolution Patch offers a comprehensive combination of ingredients to help people achieve weight-loss goals and operate at peak energy level. Wearers of the patch simply apply one to the upper arm, shoulder or hip to enjoy 6-12 hours of energy and fat-burning power with no sugar, carbohydrates or calories, and without the side effects of caffeinated beverages, energy drinks or other traditional energy boosters.

So, if Revolution Patch has zero sugar, zero carbohydrates, zero gluten and zero calories, whats in it? The answer is only carefully-chosen, all-natural active ingredients. The proprietary fat burning formula consists of:

Caffeine, to boost overall energy
Taurine, to enhance the bodys physical performance
Green tea extract, to increase mental focus and alertness
B vitamins, to provide antioxidants that enhance overall health

About Revolution Patch:

Revolution Patch comes in two different formulas, Energy Boost and Weight Loss. Both options are sold in packages of 4, 12, 28 or 60 patches directly on and on Amazon. Volume discounts are available and shipping is always free! The makers of Revolution Patch are proud to help energize more and more people through online shopping and eventually through placement in stores worldwide.

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Simple Weight Loss — 5 Steps to Lose Weight

Is it convenient to get rid of fat? Yes. Losing fat is simple. I see it everyday. Patients of mine come into the workplace because happy because is considering they lost 15 pounds found on the latest simple fat reduction program.

It’s simple nevertheless are you able to keep it off?

My people will feel ideal however none of them keep the fat off. Simply because fast because they lost fat, my people following convenient fat reduction plans, gain it back…fast!

Gaining fat, particularly re-gaining fat lost whilst dieting, ought to be the focus of fat reduction programs. Other details, like effortless fat reduction, are distracting plus costly for all you. Every year thousands of overweight plus obese persons never lose fat as a result of effortless fat reduction distractions.

Why are swiftly plus effortless diet plans thus appealing? So, what can be much better than losing fat plus searching superior swiftly? How regarding lasting healthy fat reduction?

Why do we think diet plans focus entirely about losing fat plus state rather small regarding keeping it off? Because it’s convenient to reduce fat plus it’s upcoming to impossible to avoid fat re-gain.

Diet plans take the effortless road plus offer dieters a fast brief lived answer.

From Atkins to the Zone, fat reduction diets have perfected colourful techniques to disguise 1 easy simple fat reduction principle. All diets could cause convenient fat reduction by following this 1 effortless principle.

Low carbohydrate diets, low fat diets, damaging calorie diets, low stamina density diets–all apply this 1 principle. And this 1 principle causes convenient fat reduction. Do we recognize exactly what it is?

To experience simple fat reduction…eat fewer calories.

Holding alternative factors continual, like exercise, just eat fewer calories and you may lose fat conveniently. Whether we keep the fat off depends about how conveniently we lost it.

The Simple Weight Loss Steps

1. Week One — Cut calories by 100

2. Week Two — Cut extra 150 calories (total=250)

3. Week Three — Cut another 150 calories (total=400)

4. Week Four — Final cut 100 calories (total=500)

First month fat reduction total = 2-4 pounds 500 calories cut = 1-2 pounds/week of fat loss End of 2nd month fat reduction total = 6-12 pounds

The chance of keeping the fat off = 5%

To accelerate fat reduction plus fat re-gain, merely cut more calories…fast. Or you are able to hold off found on the fat reduction program above plus understand more info on fat re-gain and just how to avoid it. Stay tuned for Weight Re-gain Prevention.

Until then, healthy living!

Michael Smith, MD

Chief Medical Consultant

Diet Basics Website

Dr. Michael Smith is the Chief Medical Consultant for Diet Basics, a content wealthy url focused on the internet dieter. Dr. Smith plus Mark Fugua, the Chief Editor plus Wellness Leader, are moving the site forward into the next stage of content, “Keep Weight Off!”

Visit the site now plus understand how to avoid Weight Re-gain plus Diet Shock. Start with all the Diet Basics Education page.

Article Source:,_MD

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