How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy (NO EXERCISE)

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Visit – Video is for those who’ve been trying to lose weight and fat for 6 months to a year and not getting results…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy (NO EXERCISE)

  1. @sisi h aww thanks, i know I’ve been told i look like Kim k :P Although i
    don’t see it, i guess sometimes i do cause even my mum and college used to
    say i belong with them :P

  2. @yashawinishama Use less ghee and oil and invest in olive oils. Dipping
    brown bread in balsamic vinegar as a snack. Salads, smoothies, beet root,
    boiled or steamed veggies. soups, Sandwhiches with brown bread only. the
    list for vegetarians also is a lot :)

  3. @juanpascual Im happy i did because getting that Umph to loose weight
    sometimes doesn’t occur and different things can trigger the motivation.
    Iam extremely glad if I’ve given you the boost, it makes me happy really
    :). I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK JUAN Mwah! <3

  4. What’s the song at the beginning OMG your so inspirational and funny I love
    you <3333 but seriously what’s the song called at the beginning ???

  5. Would it be bad to exercise while maintaining this kind of healthy eating?
    Trying to lose 60 lbs :)

  6. @sisi h im not sure how to answer that, i would say curves are kept if for
    1, your curvy :P. If your talking about fear of reduced breast size then
    its inevitable because if your overweight, your breasts are gonna be
    bigger, if you reduce, your breasts will too. My sister didn’t reduce
    however so this varies. I would do squats to maintain curves and waist

  7. I have a good tip for loosing weight and to increase your health.
    Stop drinking alcohol

  8. WOMEN: less than 1200 Calories. (Per day)
    MEN: less than 1900 Calories. (Per day)
    ^^^^^ this is how you lose weight. portions not Buckets, BAGS & CARTONS 

  9. I love you SO much, when I first watched this video and u said pineapple I
    remember I had pineapples I got along time ago and it was right at the back
    of my cupboard so im not addicted to them

  10. I’m definitely going to give your advice a try! I’ve tried so many
    different ways that weren’t me and i’m so excited to begin this! I really
    want to wear a great dress for my senior prom next year and finally feel
    confident in it. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and i’ll make sure
    to send in pictures for you to see my results! (:

  11. Im going to try it and in 30days ill let you know if it works .Thank God i
    already have green tea lol

  12. omg, do u mean chicken burn fat ? if chicken protein burn fat, then how abt
    fish proteins, which has more protein content and less fattening. omg… In
    Malaysia, do u knw how many ppl gain weight just bcoz of chicken, eg
    chicken rice, KFC. ppl even suggest to lose weight stop eating chicken
    nowadays. To grow a fatter chicken, they may inject some hormones, and the
    diet of the chicken may change as well. Im not against wat u suggested, but
    this is wat i knw. The best thing to eat or drink to lose weight i can say
    is GREEN TEA (or Oolong), u can see result very fast if u control ur diet +
    exercise + green tea. 

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  14. @Brigitte Tolentino: my friend got this program from
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    she lost 36 lbs, 9.5 inches in her stomach

  15. Why do those persons making helpful videos have to talk and talk and talk
    and talk….. for 10 minutes to get to “eat chicken”. Wears me out. I’m
    not stupid. Give me tips, don’t ask me if it’s “alright”? Not
    complicated… simple – redundant! Yeah, I’d like to lose weight fast.
    I’m at 2 minutes and not ONE WORD about your subject. NEVER expect me to
    subscribe to your videos…. your ya da ya da wears me out… bye!

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    They will help you get the body you deserve.

  17. Jason, what a blessing you are. Thank you so much for your information.
    You are great!! I know I don’t know you personally, but I love ya!

  18. This is great man!!
    It actually worked for me!!
    I was in a plateau for over two weeks and by doing 20 minutes of walking on
    the thread mill before breakfast I was able to lose 15 lbs in the last 3
    Thanks for those tips!

  19. This is working like a charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! follow this man…he
    knows what he is talking about!!!!!!

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